Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the processing of personal data that 152 MEDIA LLC makes within its website and/or any other digital platform. Furthermore, this privacy policy applies to the data processing from potential clients and/or third parties related to 152 MEDIA LLC.

The services offered by 152 MEDIA LLC empower publishers to seamlessly link their inventory with diverse and high-quality demand sources, engaging in real-time competition. These demand sources offer detailed analyses of the performance of each specific demand, along with key parameters derived from the Header Bidding stack.

The Header Bidding service relies on publishers to collect personal data, which is subsequently processed by demand providers. It’s important to note that 152 MEDIA LLC does not directly collect or process personal data beyond what is necessary for fulfilling contracts with publishers and providers. Our website employs cookies, and more information about their usage is provided below.

In maintaining a commitment to privacy and compliance, we collaborate with diligent demand providers who are registered under the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework. These providers ensure that consent for bidding on demand has been appropriately and rightfully obtained by the publishers.

Our information.

152 MEDIA LLC provided with VAT number * and address at Birmingham (Alabama), 3710 Redmont Road, is the Controller of data processor, guaranteeing the security and confidential treatment, according to the GDPR and/or other applicable regulations.

The data subjects may contact the Data Protection Officer designated by the company to resolve any issue related to the processing of their personal data at the following email address

The company is established in a country that is not a member of the European Union, and for this reason has a representative within the EU, Juan Ramón Manso Fernández, who can be found at the following address: Plaza Mestre Clave 2-4, Ent 2 (08901 Hospitalet de Llobregat), Barcelona, Spain.

What data do we and our providers collect?

Some personally identifiable information (PII) may be collected through access to our website. This type of data may include name, address, telephone number, email or any other information that you provide to us voluntarily, through any of the forms enabled through the website for this purpose.

Header Bidding service.

152 Media does not collect a website user’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as defined under United States of America law and RGDP. However, in the course of and for purposes of conducting its business, our third party technology providers may collect and process the following consumer information that is considered Personal Information.

1) browser and device information received from publishers is shared with advertisers and agencies for responding to requests for advertisements, forecast advertising inventory and troubleshooting any operation issues related to each Platform;

(2) IP addresses, including both IPv4 and IPv6 are used to bid on advertising inventory;

(3) geo-location data is used to bid on advertising inventory;

(4) Precise Location Data (data obtained from a device about the physical location of the device) is used to bid on advertising inventory;

(5) GPS coordinates, where available;

(6) stored in browser cookies, are used for profiles on the ad server;

(7) mobile device identifiers are used to track mobile traffic and are shared with advertisers and agencies to tailor the advertising experience;

(8) pixel Data (data obtained through or in connection with the placement of any pixel mechanism) is used as part of the user matching process;

(9) people identifiers provided by third party provider partners are associated to audience segments, and shared with advertisers and agencies;

(10) data on whether a user viewed or clicked on an Ad is shared with advertisers and agencies.

We list below the privacy policies of our main providers so you can access the information regarding their personal data processing.

Purposes of personal data processing

The information gathered from our website serves specific commercial purposes, including marketing, recruiting, and responding to general inquiries or customer service requests, all directed towards delivering services to our clients.

We may process navigation data and cookies to enhance user accessibility, personalize experiences, and analyze navigation patterns. You may choose to enable or disable non-necessary cookies.

Our demand providers collect personal data for the following purposes:

Interest-Based or Targeted Advertising: Using Platform Data and third party provided data to infer your demographic characteristics, what you may be interested in, or other relevant traits, and to serve ads to you based on this information. Our providers may also use Platform Data to create interest profiles and demographic-related profiles about you.

Frequency Capping: Limiting the number of times an ad is shown.

Showing Ads in Sequence: Showing ads in a particular order to provide a better user experience.

Geo-Targeting: Customizing ads shown based on your current or prior location.

Contextual Ads: Showing ads based on the content you are viewing.

Ad Measurement: Understanding how users respond to ads (e.g., clicking on the ad, visiting an advertiser’s website, and downloading an advertiser’s app).

Aggregated Statistics: Reporting aggregated statistics regarding, for example, the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

Cross-Device Mapping: Enabling Cross-Device Mapping (grouping the devices that are likely owned by an individual or household) in order to serve or measure advertising on related devices on behalf of our clients.


Your data will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was requested. Once the order is completed, it will be destroyed within a period of (5) years or less, as this is the maximum limitation period.

In the case of data provided for marketing or advertising purposes, these will be deleted once your consent is revoked.

We do not store data collected by our clients and processed by demand providers. In order to know their data retention periods you can check the privacy policies listed below.

Legal basis.

Personal data will be processed to fulfill a contract or assignment. For marketing and advertising, the legitimate basis for the data processing will be the consent given by the interested party.

Likewise, your data may be transferred to the competent authorities, under current regulations.

The legal basis for processing personal data used by publishers and demand providers is consent and, in some limited cases, legal interest. You can check this in their privacy policy by accessing the link we provide below.

Data sharing.

The data that is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract, in case needed, may be communicated to our providers. We do not sell personal information.

Demand Providers

The main providers of 152 MEDIA LLC are provided below, with the direct link to their privacy policy:




Rights and protections.

The data subject may exercise the rights of access, rectification and/or deletion in case the contract has ended and the legal period for retention has concluded.

Data subjects may request the limitation of the processing of their data in accordance with the R.G.P.D. We will retain only the data necessary for exercising or defending potential legal claims.

The data subject may contact with 152 MEDIA to oppose any decision that may affect their rights or freedoms or legitimate interests when it is based on an automated decision (e.g. profiling). You have the right to obtain a direct response from 152 MEDIA.

The data subject may request portability of their personal data from 152 MEDIA.

The rights may be exercised by writing to the Legal Representative of the Company designated in the E.U. (**) or you can contact our Data Protection Officer of 152 MEDIA at the following email address **

If you do not receive a response from 152 MEDIA or understand that it does not satisfy your requirements, we inform you that you have the right to file a claim with the data protection authority of your country.

Security measures

Access to 152 MEDIA’s digital environments is done through secure servers. You can ensure that you are in a secure environment by clicking on the padlock on the left side of the navigation bar.

In addition, the suppliers of 152 MEDIA are certified entities that comply with the maximum security guarantees, which can be corroborated on the websites of the indicated suppliers.

International data transfers.

152 MEDIA LLC, does not have access to the data processed by its clients and/or suppliers, it does not carry out international data transfers.

Personal data regarding our clients and providers will not be transferred to non-safe countries. If needed, we ensure the appropriate protections are in place.

IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework.

We are officially registered as a vendor in the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework .and the majority of our providers are similarly registered. TC String is decoded by demand providers to verify consent has been given by users before bidding.

We strongly believe in providing dynamic transparency to our clients and internet users.


We may from time to time change our practices with regard to information collected and used for our services. Changes will be reflected in this Privacy Statement. However, if we were to make material changes, those changes would not, without authorization, be applied to information collected prior to the changes.

Device storage disclosure:

Demand providers and publishers we work with use cookies to send and store bits of information in a browser. They are used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones and other devices. By saving information in a cookie, websites can remember preferences or recognize browsers from one visit to another or from one website to another.

This is the information regarding the cookies Xandr, as our main demand provider use:

Cookie name Purpose Example Type and duration
uuid2 This cookie contains a unique randomly-generated value that enables the Platform to distinguish browsers and devices. It is matched against information – such as advertising interest segments and histories of ads shown in the browser or device – provided by clients or other third parties and stored on the Platform. This information is used by clients to select advertisements for delivery by the Platform, and to measure the performance of, and attribute payment for, those advertisements. In addition, we use this cookie to enable clients to use data which does not reveal or use an Internet user’s real-world identity or data they collect outside of the Platform or acquire from other third parties. This cookie is also sometimes matched to clients’ or other third parties’ cookies so that they can use data they collect outside of the Platform to serve more relevant advertisements to Internet users.
We use this cookie to measure how often people do things like click on or view ads. Our clients use this cookie to help deliver ads to people who have previously visited their websites, purchased their products or used their apps and to recommend products and services based on that activity. When you opt out of the use of interest-based advertising on our Platform this cookie is set with a non-unique value (-1) and sellers using our Platform may show you less relevant ads because neither they nor advertisers can use data about your preferences to show you ads.
Persistent. 90 days. Please note that our uuid2 cookies may be reset on subsequent calls from a browser to our servers, and the expires property will be reset at that time. Cookies are set and reset this way because many different companies use our Platform, and may be setting, reading, and associating data with cookies at various times and in various places. The retention of data associated with cookies is more relevant than the expiration of the cookie itself. Xandr discloses in its public-facing Privacy Statement a data retention maximum of 18 months. However, most data is retained for a much shorter period than 18 months. Moreover, customers of the Xandr Platform exercise control over much of the data associated with this cookie.
uids This cookie contains a base 64 encoded JSON object which contains external unique randomly-generated values that enable other Prebid Server demand partners to distinguish browsers and mobile devices. This information is used by our Prebid Server demand partners to select advertisements for delivery by the Platform and to measure the performance of, and attribute payment for, those advertisements. Note the cookie is a cookie used by, Opens in new window the open source heading bidding project and is not our proprietary cookie. We run an instance of software on our infrastructure.

Persistent. 120 days.
sess The sess cookie contains a single non-unique value: “1”. It is used by the Platform to test whether a browser is configured to accept cookies from Xandr.

icu The icu cookie is used to select ads and limit the number of times a user sees a particular ad. It contains information such as the number of times an ad has been shown, how recently an ad has been shown, or how many total ads have been shown.
We use this cookie to prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again. Persistent. 90 days.
anj The anj cookie contains data denoting whether a cookie ID is synced with our partners. ID syncing enables our partners to use their data from outside the Platform on the Platform. (See our Platform privacy page Opens in new window for more info.)

Persistent. 90 days.

Persistent. 90 days.

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