Complete monetization
Increase your website revenue 30% and more with just a simple implementation.
Full Stack
Header Bidding
With just a line of code, our solution allows publishers to connect their inventory to multiple and Premium demand sources that will compete in real time, yielding higher CPMs and Fill Rates. 58% of the top 10K Publishers in US are already using Header Bidding. Start today and generate a boost in your revenue instantly.

Prebid Adapter

¿Are you using Header Bidding in your website already?
Increase your profit by adding our unique demand which includes direct advertisers and PMPs.
Unified Analytics
Flying a plane without instrumentals can be extremely difficult. Don’t navigate the complex programmatic landscape in the dark! We offer a uniformed dashboard to see your revenue evolution in real time, how each specific demand performs plus all parameters from the Header Bidding stack with full transparency.
Simon IA
It is not enough to have the best demand sources in the market to be sure that your Header Bidding stack is performing at it’s prime. For this it´s paramount to analyze thousands of interconnected variables to optimize it. This would require a team of hundreds of professionals solely devoted to this task.
With SIMON AI we have developed a solution to turn this in your favor! SIMON AI is an advanced machine learning system built to optimize the programmatic stack, including ADX, to achieve the best possible performance 24hs for 365 days every year.

¿What is Header Bidding?


Ad request
The Ad Request is sent to all the bidders at same time to do a real time auction.

All the bidders do the auction at the same time in a transparent way. It is a fair competition, all compete on equal terms for the impression at the same time. As a result of this competition, fill rates and CPMs increase.

AD ImpresSion
The winner of the auction (better CPM) render the ad on the page. In Header Bidding always wins the best possible offer, no bidder is set aside -as it usually happens in the Waterfall model- consequently generating a revenue optimization.
About Us
Federico TejeraCEO
Alejo Ajras Director of Product Development
Matias MilesCRO

152 Media is a pioneer agency fully dedicated to developing products and solutions for publishers using one underlying technology: Prebid.

On top of this, we pride ourselves of having one of the most talented team in the Ad Tech industry. Hard work and dedication are the core values of 152 Media.

We believe in creating long terms partnerships; therefore, we see all our clients as strategic allies, and their objectives as ours.

152 Media has been proven to be an expert using Google products and provides publishers with innovative solutions and services.

You can rest assure that our 9 years in the market, 600+ publishers trusting our expertise and being a Certified Prebid.js Partner, will deliver the highest results for your properties!

Some of our Demand Partners

Client Reviews

We recently integrated 152 and all I can say is… Wow! It’s really everything you can ask from a demand partner: high paying ads, great ad quality and great people. I can’t speak highly enough of our experience so far. Matias and the team quickly inserted themselves as a prominent buyer within our SSP. Every request is answered quickly and things just work. We’re really happy with the partnership.

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